Renáta Czinkotai

Renata received her MA in Film Editing from the renowned National Film and Television School (NFTS) in Beaconsfield, UK in February 2011.

After originally graduating from Cambridge University Renata had a diverse career as a fundraiser and trainer in the charity sector, while pursuing an interest in film-making through shooting 16mm fiction shorts.

Working with, among others, Amnesty International Hungary in Budapest from 2003, she found opportunities to participate in professional film productions, including fiction short Vonal (Line) selected for the 41st Hungarian Film Festival and Budapest Shorts (BUSHO) Festival 2010, and social documentary Emberöltők (Generations), which premiered at the Uránia National Film Theatre, Budapest, in May 2010.

Renata’s passion for the alchemy of editing - combining and distilling picture, sound and music to build the stories and create the lasting images and emotions that will inspire and touch people - led her to the NFTS as a path to full-time film editing.

She has a particular affinity for magic realism, science fiction, social and historical documentary and, being particularly strong on creative collaboration, hopes to pursue these interests with like-minded film-makers in the UK and Hungary.