NFTS Graduation Films

  • The Field of Vision (2011, 26 mins, 16mm/s8mm/HD)
    Science Fiction: based on the short story by Ursula K. Le Guin.
    d. & w. Siri Rodnes; prod. Caterina Boselli, Rob Watson; ph. Stil Williams; p.d. Thomas Goodwin; ed. Renata Czinkotai; s. Mauricio d’Orey; m. Jon Wygens
  • Letters from Palestine (2011, 36 mins, HD)
    Historical Documentary: one family, two journeys 90 years apart.
    d., ph & prod. Ludovica Fales; ed. Renata Czinkotai; s. Nikola Zivojinovic; m. Alcyona Mick
  • Ernesto (2011, 7 mins, 2D digital cut-outs)
    Animation: musical – the story of a little boy’s efforts to fit in, featuring lots of songs and 20 singing teeth.
    d. Corinne Ladeinde; w. Benjamin Kuffour; prod. Ali Rumani; ed. Renata Czinkotai; m. Alcyona Mick; lyrics Alcyona Mick & Corinne Ladeinde; s. Mauricio d’Orey; ph. Beniamino Barrese; p.d. Thomas Goodwin


  • Them Brutes (2010, 7’20”, Red HD)
    Fiction: black comedy - one man’s pursuit of a boy and his dog above and beneath the streets of London.
    d. & w. Janis Nords; ph. Emma Dalesman; ed. Renata Czinkotai; s. Jay Price; m. Geoff Hannan
  • The Ripple Effect (2010, 29 mins, HD)
    Investigative Documentary: a ‘reverse chronology’ investigation into the tragic repercussions of an unsolved shooting.
    d., ph. & prod. Noble Fox; ed. Renata Czinkotai; s. Mauricio d’Orey; m. Lennert Busch; add’l ph. Stil Williams
  • Generations (orig. Emberöltők) (2010, 67 mins, SD)
    Observational Documentary: The transformative effects of community volunteering on a group of teenagers and the elderly people they visit.
    d. Gergely Hajnal; w. György Lukácsy m. László Adrián Nagy; ph. Attila Csabai, Zoltán Vépy; ed. Teréz Ijjas; add’l ed. Renata Czinkotai; s. Kálmán Kéri, Miklós Küronya
  • Communion (2009, 13’30”, 16mm)
    Fiction: family drama set in 70’s Belfast, Galway Film Fleadh 2010.
    d. & w. Andrea Harkin; prod. Philipp Zakrzewski; ph. Claire Buxton; p.d. Thomas Goodwin; ed. Renata Czinkotai; s. George Lingford; m. Geoff Hannan
  • Line (orig. Vonal) (2009, 16 mins, Red HD)
    Fiction: A late-night helpline worker gets sucked into a verbal duel with an embittered elderly caller, 41st Hungarian Film Festival 2010, BUSHO Film Festival 2010.
    d. & w. Zoltán Vépy; ph. Márton Szigethy; ed. Attila Csabai; script spvr Renata Czinkotai
  • ¡Olé! (2009, 4’50”, 16mm)
    Fiction: surrealist dance encounter, NAHEMI Eat Our Shorts Festival 2010.
    d. & w. Tatiana Korol; ph. Claire Buxton; ed. Renata Czinkotai; s. Mauricio d’Orey; m. Jon Wygens
  • Return (2009, 5’10”, HD)
    Documentary Poetry: a visual and sound poem exploring what it means to see and be seen.
    d. & prod. Juliet Brown; ph. Caroline Bridges; ed. & s. Renata Czinkotai; m. Lennert Busch; mix. Tudor Petre
  • Jab Jab Right (2009, 10’45”, HD)
    Observational Documentary: one man’s battle to save his renowned boxing club for disadvantaged youths.
    d. & ph. Ling Lee; ed. Renata Czinkotai